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MoNIfly stands for Mobile Network Infrastructure for cooperative surveillance of low flying drones. Despite the lengthy title of the project, its main topic is rather compact: Researching how remotely or automatically piloted aircraft vehicles can be integrated in low altitude airspace, especially in urban envioronments.

One of the core challenges related to making use of drones in urban environments will be the acceptance of low flying devices by the general public, as drones produce noise, can fly directly and low above private territory and usually carry cameras and other sensors, causing arguments about safety, privacy and regulatory issues. Therefore innovative solutions must be found, developed and demonstrated to allow safe and society friendly as well as aviationharmonized drone operations. The MoNIfly concept will enable applications with virtual barriers (so-called geo-fence applications) that use static restrictions as well as object- or time-defined barriers with high-dynamic update rates to support moving vehicles.

This means that the risk of collisions of drones with static obstacles but also other drones or aircraft/helicopters will be greatly reduced. Additionally this concept will allow protection of privacy sensitive areas like private houses/gardens or even scenes
of an accident or incident. The proof of concept will be demonstrated and validated in a test campaign.

For this purpose, five partners from different areas of expertise collaborate in MoNIfly. You can learn more about the partners on this site in future.

Learn more about the idea behind MoNIfly.




This project has received funding from the European Union´s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 723509.